Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sticking Around

I've decided that regardless of what happens, I'm staying in Virginia for the time being. Looking at houses and jobs in my part of Oregon has put a serious damper on my desire to return home. Starting home prices hover at around $300,000. Foreclosures are around $100,000 and up. Jobs pay around $13 an hour. Even if I were to acquire a job at Mercedes or BMW, the market isn't there, so flat rate would end up being about the same as hourly. It looks like it's just not in the cards. I have a good job here. If this job turns sour, I can get another good one. I can buy a foreclosed home for around $30,000 and fix it up. All my connections are here. It just seems smarter to stick around. Getting out of a bad situation has also made life more fun here in Hampton Roads. Sure, it still has its problems, but what place doesn't? I want to get back into music as well, and there really isn't a scene aside from the community band that I can get into it. I know my family will be disappointed, but I need to take care of me. The church I'm going to is awesome also. I'm planning on going to the amazon rainforest among cannibals and other life threatening perils. Life is worth living again! I really want to take the trombone back up and get into the jazz scene. I want to learn swing and tap dance. I want to become a private pilot. I need to start practicing my accordion again and start taking lessons. If I fall in love, great; but she needs to be with me and align with my goals. Support me. Love me. Not get all pissed off because I'm really eccentric and like odd things. I've been listening to jazz again. I can't believe it! I thought that died in me. My ex never liked listening to my music. She never liked doing the things I enjoy. She never supported my aspirations. All she wanted me to do was make more money so we could make more money. And that obviously didn't work because we were broke the entire time. Every time I used my card my asshole puckered while I hoped that it wouldn't be declined. I'm never doing that again, no matter what! I own 3 cars! I have an old, awesome Econoline that I'm going to turn into a one man camper and go weekends to the west side of Virginia for some good hiking and camping. My BMW is the most manly vehicle I've ever owned and I love it. And I just bought a 1994 Mercedes E320 wagon. And it's green; my favourite colour! I can't let all these little crappy situations get me down. I'm a happy guy! I'm going to remain happy. Of course I get down. Of course I have doubts about my abilities. Of course I have my weaknesses. But the Lord is showing me the way and I have a very bright future. Sally forth!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Walk On By

This morning left me floating on a cloud. I thought love existed. I thought I was in it. But just like that cloud, there was nothing there but mist and confusion. Falling out of my fantasy, I realized that only fools believe in love and it doesn't exist. At least not in the real world. I would do anything for it, and I did. Reality hit me like a tonne of bricks. I couldn't get over it. My mistake. It's like trying to buy the Mona Lisa. You'll never be able to afford it. You can try to make payments. You can promise. You can even give your soul. But you'll be standing there with your dick hanging out and the girl you love laughing at it. The house always wins. The gamble is folly. You'll never get the turn of a friendly card. And when you're broke and hoping, you'll be thrown in an alley to starve and die. Because that's what you deserve. You're a fool.

It doesn't matter who you confide in or ask advice from; they'll leave you hanging. Nobody loves you. They may need what you got, but they wouldn't give you a fucking thing back. Broken in two. You're the giving tree. And after they use you up and eat your fruit, all that'll be left is a stump for some asshole to sit on.

So next time a hope is ignited in your heart to take the gamble, just walk on by. It's a lonely world. And you're alone. Deal with it.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Changing Directions

Things are happening and I'm not sure I'm ready for it. I get involved in a situation and I'm all the way in. If it goes sour, I'm looking at complete misery. I have to take the chance though. I have to try. I can't change people, but maybe I can show them the way. Shit. It didn't work for my ex. She never saw my position and all it made me was miserable and crappy for 10 years. I thought I'd just sit in that shed, curl up, and die. Now I've got something I'm going for, but it's precarious. What happens if it doesn't pan out? What do I do if the worst comes true? I know it's worth the gamble, but I'm scared I'm going to lose it. Then I have to keep on living; forlorn forever. I'm getting back into jazz music. I'm starting to see a future for myself here in Virginia. Mom wants me to come back to Oregon. That was my original plan, but who the hell am I? What, I go through a divorce and run home to mama? Screw that. Land's too expensive out there. No jobs. Nothing going for me. Hell, I don't really even keep up with anybody out there. I have connections here. I have a good job. And I have the gamble I'm taking. I'm looking at saving up about $30,000 and buying a fixer upper myself. I'm not in a rush. Then, I have the connections to fix it and build a big garage right here in Virginia. I'm going to get my private pilot's license, so I can fly home to Oregon anytime I feel like it. Home's in Heaven ain't it? The pastor said that the Lord would take me by the hand and lead me and He did. I have faith, but I need His help with my unbelief. I can't lose. I'm all in. It's everything I am as a person and I'm scared. Lord help me. Show me the way.

Friday, April 13, 2018

The Quest

I feel old. I've lived a life from a child to an old man. I've died. Yet here I remain. As I read about history, I find snippets of glory saturated with the mere struggle to live one more day. Throughout the ages, people have found purpose in death and have pursued it knowing their end. I now seek the same. Instead of living one more day, I seek death today. Death to myself and my passions. Death to security. Death to the dream. Death to me!

The Lord told Adam in the Garden "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." We are already dead; merely waiting on the piper to collect his due. We've been dead since we were born. We were born into death and to deny that is folly. 

Life is narcissism. And as science seeks ways to prolong and prevent death, they simply perpetuate the lie that we ever possessed it in the first place. As if cellular regeneration could ever replace love. No, we are dead; and it is a good thing. For if this ragged existence could ever be defined as life, I should cash in my chips immediately and be done with it. But it is not! The quest is within arms reach! 

Follow the Lord. Ask Him to show you the way. Die today and live forever.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Who Am I?

This past week at welding school, a girl who already graduated returned to spruce up her skills on TIG. She was cute and everybody was flirting with her. I won't lie, I was attracted as well; however, I put on my armor and resisted all week talking or "flirting" with her. Tonight was the end of the week and I found myself in line with her to return our checked out tools. Somehow we started talking and I ended up bragging about my job. What the hell?! I never gave two shits about my status or the amount of money I make, but for some reason, all that flew out the window and I started bragging. For the remainder of the night, I was completely depressed. I felt like Michael Bolton from the movie Office Space. I let my attraction dictate my actions. I was no longer in control and I went down the same damn path I essentially preach against. I embodied the quintessential hypocrite. I'm getting over it now, but this exchange really showed me a portion of myself that I didn't know existed. I mean, hell, it's nothing to flirt with a girl (even though the situation was wrong), but compromising one's principles just to try to impress a girl (and fail at it I might add) is so wrong it makes me cringe! I really need to examine myself and build up that portion of my resolve to live what I believe. I'm glad I had the courage to call a spade a spade though and own up to my mistake instead of lying to myself and saying I was tired or some bullshit like that.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Dealing With Emotions

I remember reading a quote from an old jazz piano player from the 1940's. He said, "Whatever you do, do it all the way." I've always attempted to apply that maxim to my life. Not that I'm always successful in fulfilling it, but I try. 

I find a big thing I struggle with is understanding that other men and women I encounter don't think like that or even care, just so long as they're safe and comfortable. This puts me at a disadvantage as life's "quality control" if you will has waned to such an extent that people are used to substandard products and actions. 

I've done what I can after separating from my wife. The house is up for sale. I've done what leftover renovations were needed. I work days and spend my nights in welding school. Hell, I've even taken up the accordion which I practice on my lunch breaks. I feel more fulfilled at this point in my life than I ever have, which makes me thankful that the Lord has given me that hardihood to make the break and walk His path.

On the flip side, I see my estranged wife acting like business as usual. She still lives in the house and hasn't packed or moved anything out of it. Her son still lives there, leeching off her and doing nothing to build himself. She still takes monthly vacations to scenic places, posting pictures on Facebook. It leaves me reeling to be honest. Today, after reducing the selling price of the house, I sent her a text message letting her know. She didn't respond. I view her as a lost child, not knowing where to go or how to act. I wish I could help her, but I know I can't, as she's unwilling to help herself. I gave her multiple opportunities to aqueise, but she refused. So now it's only me dealing with my emotional turmoil.

It makes me think of how much the Lord does for us. And for all He does, we're unwilling to submit to Him. He loves us and wants us to come into His care, yet we're unwilling; acting like business as usual and sitting there like a bubble on a pot of piss. How frustrating it must be for Him. How helpless He must feel. It's so simple, and yet we're unwilling. I wonder how He deals with His emotions. I wonder if He cries at night and hopes we come around. All we have to say is that we messed it up and need some help. 

I've prayed multiple times for the Lord to take this burden from me, but I still hold it. I think now that I'm supposed to. I think it gives me His perspective on how hard one way love is. I know He holds my hand in the storm. But it's hard every day. I want to slap people sometimes and knock some love in their hearts, but I know I can't. I always try to help, but I find I just can't. And so it goes. Instead of mankind, we have individuals vying for power. We have the know-it-alls who do no wrong. We have death masked in glory. And there's nothing we can do but hold onto the hope that at some future point the scales will fall from their eyes and their hearts will soften to the point that they find they no longer matter; only He does.

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Should I Continue Believing

Some things set me off. I get a bad vibe and just get turned off and even pissed. But, I'm trying to follow the Lord. He's leading me in a certain direction and I don't like what I see. I feel like a sellout. I feel like He's guiding me through the same door everybody else is walking through. I don't like it. I look at the thing He's showing me and I see a future filled with monotony and bland regurgitation of accepted traits. I don't like it. I was told at church today to persevere. Hummph! I've never been one to sit around in a circle jerk just so I feel accepted by the crowd. I've never been one to just sit back and smile about the good times coming in when I see all the trouble brewing. I don't consider myself a pessimist, but I see things for what they are.

My estranged wife always lead me down those paths and I acquiesced. She'd want me to wear designer clothes and so I did; always feeling like a schmuck. We'd go on vacations and take about 1000 pictures to post to Facebook so that everyone knew we were having the time of our lives. Of course, it was always, "Thank Jesus for all the blessings!" I am thankful, but after finding out that we were almost $70,000 in debt, I really doubt Jesus was blessing us; we were just forcing a good time. I refuse to do that again.

When I see people having a good time and taking pictures of themselves, I immediately get a bad taste in my mouth. I know it's presumptuous, but I've been burned. I've been burned bad. People don't care about each other and I have a hard time seeing happiness as just that. I see it as narcissism.

So what is a guy like me supposed to do? I know exactly where I'm supposed to go and who I'm supposed to meet. I want to walk that line. But I also see the bland monotony gazing at me from the rafters, waiting to descend on me.

So I sit around a lot wondering what joy is. People at church seem happy, but do they have joy? What is joy? I want to be happy, but it's not the most important thing in my life. I'd rather be miserable and in pain knowing I made a difference than to be happy and amount to nothing. Happiness is bunk compared to purpose! For some reason I feel I can't have both. Like they oppose each other. Maybe because so many people put on the mask of happiness without actually possessing it. Does that mean that if I'm actually happy it will brand me as a poser, even though I'm true to the core? Why should I care? Am I the same as everybody else, just trying to prove my worth? I don't know.

I will follow though. I will persevere. If I settle into the slime of comfort and carelessness, I'll know nothing was ever worth it in the first place. I'll know following the Lord down this path was just another one of my fantastical adventures to gain understanding and purpose. If I settle down again in some suburban wasteland of isolation and salaciousness, I'll know I deserve the future burning tortures of hell.

War is hard, but peace is unbearable.